I'm getting too dull to care

It took me twelve hours to think of the word
I was looking for
By then the conversation had soured

Am I slowing down or
Am I slowing time down with mental force
Is the price I pay for
Slacking in the work force
I think it is

There was a time when
I had a job where I had to think
And when I studied
My vocab held
More than the contents of cafe sinks

Now I am zoning
On doing tunes better than anything
Parts of me fading
But I'm getting too dull to care
Yes I am

I gotta do one thing well
I don't want to waste my time
Spreading myself thin for
The sake of a complete mind

Left side, right side
Hell, I was given a little of both
Gotta run with whateva's
Giving me wood, yeah
The most.