3000 4 EVA

We had too much of a good time in Brisbane for the My Disco launch at the Zoo last week... MD were in finer than fine form... Al13 connoisseur and preferred ABZ sound guy Ben "Maverick" Wayne Andrews proving for once and for all that there is something that two marshalls through 8 cones that speaks to us all as primal humans, not just as g-twang nerds. "Scarf" Landrews leading us through their new set of minimal yet involved chemical bliss-outs and cork-screw downers with a sparkling piece in his left earlobe and thick packages of dub bass. And Rohan Rebeiro. Son of a fucking gun. Lil Joy is that boy's album and he channels every world music drummer worth their weight in pig skin into two wooden sticks for an entire set of solos that funnily enough anchors the whole damn thing. Hats off and on the floor, happily grinding them into the ground.

And you know what? ABZ played a fuckin corker as well, feeling real good to be back into our thing after missing weeks and more than a few good opportunities to pneumonia and other ailments of the respiratory system. I thought it might take us a few more shows to really starting swinging again but there was something about that humid brissy night that we love so much that gave us our kick back. Thanx Brisbane, we love you.

Props to Joe and Matt for their kind hospitality, we can only hope to share a bioD bbq with them another time soon. As always, check Matt's blog Eternal Soundcheck for THE word on what is happening in Aus music right now.

Also to Lee and Brie from LOOMER, their band is killah, and Lee was the most pleasant and fun dude and we look forward to hangin out in Melbz.

Last ABZ show of the year. Words W, Photos D.