Shaun Prescott Mid-Year report 2010

Naked on the Vague
Heaps of Nothing (LP, Siltbreeze)
This album should have been called “Heaps of Imagination”, but then nobody would have been interested.
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Circle Pit
Bruise Constellation (LP, Timberyard/Siltbreeze)
Sometimes you really want to climb a mountain and politely fucking request that young people stop writing Stones-aping rock music. But then a record like Bruise Constellation comes along and proves that it actually turns out really awesome sometimes. Very rarely, though. Read Shaun’s full review here.

Blank Realm
Heatless Ark (LP, Not Not Fun)
Probably the best “psychedelic” band in the country, and don’t let anyone who listens to Tame Impala tell you otherwise.
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Absolute Boys
‘Minimal Wage’ (12” single, Imperative Residence)
The A-side of this 12”, ‘Minimal Wage’, sounds like one song crushed into another and left in the sun. On the one hand Absolute Boys are staunch and boyishly technical, on the other apparitional and melancholic. Or maybe angelic. Definitely broke. It’s brooding, boisterous and unexpectedly strange.

Milk Teddy
‘Going to Sri Lanka’ (7” single, Knock Yr Socks Off)
This charmingly inoffensive ditty is so fey and, well, charming, that it’s almost reprehensible in its appeal. Somebody get this goddamned song out of my head.

... what nice company to be keeping.