BRISBANE: been there a number of times, enjoyed it, but still felt like there was something missing... the only eating establishment we had previously been recommended was $4 breakfast at rics. Didn't know where to get a brew, or best place to cop the sunshine etc etc.

So we asked M. FREE and L. GRYFFYDD, both BRISTOWN expats to give us a list of things "to do".
And "to do" those things we did, racing round town and ticking that shit off like we were sitting in our undies out the front of a large house in Windsor, absorbing VIT D and swatting flies on a sweltering Brisbane winter morning.

Here is the list so that you too can have a sick time in BTWN on your next visit.


1. CUP espresso in West End. Extravagant b. bread
2. GOMA but bloody Ron Muek was on and we already seen it hadn't we. Still nice to walk around there though.
3. ROCKING HORSE records have a mad dance and dub section below and pay cash for consignments! Plus cheap copies of...
4. NEGATIVE GUESTLIST which features a hilarious interview with ACID CASULTY ("Matt Kennedy picks up our scraps when we are on the prowl for pussy") of whom members recommend...
5. MADE IN HEAVEN TEA BAR for a quick pearl ball and ice combo (although not as good as HEALTHY CUP available in the far flung burb of INALA)
6. APARTMENT store for fine men's products including perfume that smells of cedar dust on the floor of an artisian workshop.
7. FALLOW store for ptn leather shooos
8. KWAN YING vego delights. Is it chicken? Is it gluten? Are all the dishes basically the same? We don't know but it is damn tasty and a vitamin excursion for the touring boy.
9. FIRST DROP espresso and geekery in tha valley.
10. MADTONGSAN is a cheap korean eatery just up from the (in)famous CHITYWOK in Elizabeth St Arcade serving BIBIMBAP in a hot stone bowl (novelty) and CASS beer (cheep) from the motherland which goes down an effin treat.
11. WEST END MARKETS which look and smell like markets. definitley a market.
12.BLACK STAR black cold press coffee with mapel syrup! This actually makes me want to go to Bris in summer just to neck one of these in the searing heat.
13. CAFE BOUQUINISTE recommended by mr PAUL DONAGHUE who played a lovely set of nylon string tunes under BIG STRONG BRUTE at the house show. $10 breakfast complete with halomi.
14. FISH N CHIPS from GEORGE'S SEAFOOD in tha west end: I couldn't finish the fish cause it tasted like it had come out of the brisbane river 3 weeks prior, but (as this whole darn adventure has taught me) it's not about FISH, it's about